PLEASE NOTE: For timber and colorbond fencing, we accept jobs over 30 meters in length only.

Why choose us to build your fences?

Best Brisbane Fencing - Installation


Our goal is to become the #1 Fencing Company in Brisbane, so we work extra hard to achieve that. RGDS Will Brazel

No rip-offs. Fair prices on the materials.

Most of the time, if you decide to go ahead with one of our preferred suppliers, we will be able to get your materials (timber and colorbond fences) at a discounted rate as we purchase them at wholesale prices.

No surprises. Honesty from the get-go.

We are being honest with our clients from the get-go.

So we will never ask you to pay anything extra after the quote is signed.

Any unexpected work will be our headache and not yours.

Top-quality workmanship.

We strive for high quality. Our main goal is to get you (our customer) completely satisfied with our job and refer your friends and family.

We hate to come back and fix the problems.

That’s why we have incorporated a unique quality check for every job we do.


If you have any questions at all we are just one call away.

RGDS, Will Brazel (Best Brisbane Fencing)