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⛔️ PLEASE NOTE: For timber and colorbond fencing, we accept jobs over 30 meters in length only.

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Why Choose Timber Fencing In Brisbane?


Our softwood timber fencing Brisbane solutions are among the most affordable types of fencing we offer customers. It’s subtle in its beauty, effective and lasts a long time given its price point.



With dozens of woods to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a timber fence that not only looks great but matches your budget to a tee. Timber is also easier to cut, shape and mould in whatever style you need for your fence.



Sourced ecologically from our vetted Australian providers, you can be sure your timber fencing Brisbane solution is leaving the lightest footprint on Australia’s ecosystems and climates as possible.


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Why Choose BBF To Install Your Fences?

Will Brazel

Will Brazel

Hands-on Fencer & Company Director

Will alone has 15 years of built-up expertise in the industry.

The combined experience of our dedicated team can be seen in the quality of our work.

We mix old school work ethic with progressive design and customer-centric service, meaning you’re guaranteed to get the best fences in Brisbane delivered at unbeatable prices.

We aren’t the best marketers or salespeople, but our fences speak for themselves.s.

We strive for your satisfaction.

It’s how we got started. The satisfaction we see on our client’s faces and the feeling we get as tradespeople seeing a project go full circle is why we do what we do.

Everyone in the company loves these projects—sometimes even fighting over who gets to work on them! We believe it’s this passion that has led us to become Brisbane’s best fencing company.

We have countless finished projects and would be more than happy to show you our extensive portfolio during your quote and planning phase.

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Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to install timber fences in the Brisbane suburbs?

Pricing of our timber fencing jobs varies from job to job, due to the dozens of factors that go into giving an accurate quote. If you’d like a very rough estimate before we book in your 100% free, no-obligation quote, then these prices should push you in that direction.

Cost for a plain wood fence constructed with - treated hardwood posts in concrete; treated pine palings with 3 railings - $140 per meter + GST which includes removal and dumping costs. Other types of wooden fences would be quoted on as requested.

As jobs will be impacted by dozens of other factors, why not give us a call for your free quote? Remember, you’ll never pay a dollar more than your agreed upon free quote!

How long does it take to finish timber fencing project?

Similar to the price predictions, the time it will take to build your new fences hugely depends on the job requirements. On average, our jobs take between 2-4 days, but smaller jobs can be much faster than that. For a general rule of thumb:

- Jobs under 20 metres usually take just one working day.

- If your job is up to 30 metres, it will take approx two days to complete.

- Over 50 metres jobs usually take 3-4 days to complete.

Is Timber Fencing Better Than Colorbond?

Timber and Colorbond are by far the heavyweight contenders of the fencing world. Throughout the last 15 years of our service to Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs, we have noticed that the love for timber fences never wanes. Our team have often speculated why that is and these are the main reasons.

It’s highly versatile. With dozens of timbers to choose from, you can get a fence that matches your exact tastes. Some customers choose a timber that makes a bold statement and sticks out in the garden, while others want a subtle timber fencing Brisbane solution that complements existing trees and flowers.

It’s highly affordable. Timber fencing is more affordable than Colorbond. Not only is it more affordable to install, but it’s also more affordable to fix and repair, often with small sections being able to be taken out and replaced without anyone (or your bank account!) noticing.

It’s environmentally sustainable. Our timber is sourced through partners we have vetted and trust and have been working with for close to 15 years. All timber fencing Brisbane projects are fulfilled with ecologically sourced timber.


Will a timber fencing Brisbane installation add value to my home?

No doubt! In fact, many of our clients have been recommended by their real estate agents to update or install their fencing to help boost their home valuation before a sale.

With added security, privacy and of course, aesthetic appeal, our timber fencing Brisbane solutions are sure to pay themselves off!

How durable is timber fencing?

This varies, as it depends on the type of timber, who exposed it is and how well it is maintained, but a solid timber fence should last decades.

Regular maintenance is required and is perhaps why many people love Colorbond. Regularly treating, washing and painting are necessary and parts do need to be replaced more often. Having said that, timber fencing for Brisbane projects are among the most affordable we provide!

Which timber is the cheapest?

Yes. We use treated timber for all our fencing projects that resist termites.

Is timber fencing resistant to termites?

Our softwood treated Pine is very affordable and looks great too. If you’re looking for a fencing Brisbane solution that won’t break the bank, we can’t recommend our softwood timber fences enough!