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⛔️ PLEASE NOTE: For timber and colorbond fencing, we accept jobs over 30 meters in length only.

Providing affordable and straightforward Colorbond fencing installations to QLD for 15 years.

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Why Choose Colorbond Fencing for your Brisbane property?

Made from Colorbond ™ Steel, this fencing has been manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728).

Also coated in industry-leading, metallic coating to prevent corrosion.



Undergo’s strict corrosion testing, durability testing, application testing (to meet construction standards) and is assessed at thousands of outdoor sites in Australia. Colorbond has been made by Australians, for Australians.



Backed by one of Australia’s largest manufacturers, BlueScope.

Simply spray fencing down with fresh water occasionally to remove dust and prolong aesthetics and structural integrity for decades.


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Why Choose BBF To Install Your Fences?

Will Brazel

Will Brazel

Hands-on Fencer & Company Director

Will alone has 15 years of built-up expertise in the industry.

The combined experience of our dedicated team can be seen in the quality of our work.

We mix old school work ethic with progressive design and customer-centric service, meaning you’re guaranteed to get the best fences in Brisbane delivered at unbeatable prices.

We aren’t the best marketers or salespeople, but our fences speak for themselves.s.

We strive for your satisfaction.

It’s how we got started. The satisfaction we see on our client’s faces and the feeling we get as tradespeople seeing a project go full circle is why we do what we do.

Everyone in the company loves these projects—sometimes even fighting over who gets to work on them! We believe it’s this passion that has led us to become Brisbane’s best fencing company.

We have countless finished projects and would be more than happy to show you our extensive portfolio during your quote and planning phase.

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Questions & Answers

How much do Colorbond fencing Brisbane projects cost?

Colorbond fencing costs around $170 +GST per meter including installation which also includes removal and dumping costs.

This will vary depending on the height and colour you chose, of which there are 4 and 24 respectively.

Project costs will also be affected by access to the job, the number of team members required for the job, removal of existing fencing and more to be discussed when you get your free quote!

How long do Colorbond fencing Brisbane projects take?

Similar to the price predictions, the time it will take to build your new fences hugely depends on the job requirements. On average, our jobs take between 2-4 days, but smaller jobs can be much faster than that. For a general rule of thumb:

- Jobs under 20 metres usually take just one working day.

- If your job is up to 30 metres, it will take approx two days to complete.

- Over 50 metres jobs usually take 3-4 days to complete.

Why Choose Colorbond Over Timber?

There are, of course, strong reasons to recommend both—but we believe it usually comes down to 2 main reasons. Personal taste and price.

From the price front, softwood timber is usually more affordable than Colorbond, but you must consider that it is likely to be way less durable.

When it comes to security and durability, a Colorbond fencing is your best bet in our opinion. When maintained properly, Colorbond fencing should last over 30 years. With this in mind, if you can invest a little more in your fencing solution now, it will likely pay itself off in the long run.

We are open to discussing any questions you have regarding timber and Colorbond and will always have the best possible solution for you in mind.

Do Colorbond fencing add value to your home?

You betcha! Many of our requests come from homeowners looking to sell their property, who have been advised by their real-estate owners to install a Colorbond fence to boost valuations and make it a more desirable purchase. Consider this—if you were purchasing a home and had kids, would you be willing to pay more for a place that was private and secure? Besides looking classy and being iconically Australian, Colorbond can offer you this privacy and security!

How durable is Colorbond fencing?

If maintained properly, by hosing down occasionally with fresh water, removing leaf and debris buildup around the fence, Colorbond ™ Steel fencing can easily last upwards of 30 years! That’s some serious bang for your buck, especially in Brissie’s climate!

Which Colorbond fencing is the cheapest?

As there are only 4 pre-made heights available, our smallest 1.2-metre fencing is the cheapest. You also have a choice of 24 colours