Timber Fencing Styles

Timber fencing is affordable and adaptable to all property styles, ages, and sizes. Whether you’re thinking of installing a timber fence for more privacy, noise reduction, keeping pets and kids in, or keeping intruders out, choosing a functional fence that compliments your home and landscaping is important. In this guide, we’ll run you through the most popular timber fencing styles to help you make the best decision for your property.

Standard Paling Fence

This is one of the most common timber fencing styles and is ideal for property boundary fencing. It provides good privacy and security without breaking the bank. The fence has a minimalist appearance which makes it suitable for almost any landscape design.

Vertical palings are joined next to one another with 2 or 3 horizontal pine beams. These beams or rails are attached to treated pine posts at equally spaced intervals for reinforcement.

As the timber panels dry over time, they start to shrink and a very small gap may develop between palings, however, this is normal and does not affect the sturdiness or security of the structure.

Lapped Paling Fence

lapped hardwood paling

Lapped paling fencing has two overlapping layers of palings. This eliminates most of the gaps between the panels and is effective where complete privacy is important. It has a similar look to standard paling with a somewhat simplistic design that can be integrated with most property styles.

Lapped and Capped Fence

Lapped and capped fencing integrates a rim along the top of a lapped paling fence for a clean-cut finish. The top horizontal palings fit squarely on the fence to round off a neat appearance, eliminate any gaps, and further reinforce the structure.

Integrated Pine Fencing with Steel Posts

pine timber fencing with steel posts

In this case, regular timber fencing is reinforced with galvanised steel posts.

This gives you the look of a timber fence but added strength of steel. Using steel posts can increase the longevity of the fence since it won’t rot over time and can’t be damaged by termites.

Steel won’t split, warp, or twist which provides a long-term secure structure and makes it easy to replace the timber fence when needed down the line. Fence replacement after one or two decades will only require you to unscrew the old timber and fit new palings to the steel posts.

This is much more cost-effective than digging up the old posts or having to replace rotten or termite-damaged parts.

Slat Screens

slat screens timber

Timber slat screens can be used as dividers between areas around your property or as fencing.

They have a modern look that can add visual appeal to your home’s exterior design.

Timber slats can be positioned vertically, horizontally, or at an angle.

This fence type generally has bigger, evenly spaced gaps between panels allowing you to keep spaces divided without cutting them off from each other entirely. Slat fencing is generally constructed on steel posts that can be powder coated to the colour of your choice.


timber fencing and gates

Integrating a timber gate into your fence structure provides a uniform look. Gates can be constructed in different styles to match your fence and can be single access for pedestrians or larger gates for vehicle access. The timber gate structure is generally fitted on a galvanised steel frame with different hinges and latches depending on the security required.

Colonial Fencing

For something more traditional with a little charm, colonial fencing can bring a decorative aspect to property boundaries. This can include picket fences as well as lattice-topped fences with intricate designs and a smooth finish.

Lattice topped fenced may be lapped fencing with an additional top patterned lattice. Colonial fencing styles are often painted as opposed to having a stained look.

If you’re ready to start looking at timber fencing for your property, our team of experts can help you find a style that best suits your needs. Our team has been installing timber fencing for years and can recommend materials and construction options that suit your budget and privacy requirements.

We also offer modern-style Colorbond fencing options if you would like an alternative to timber.